Kimberly process

The Kimberly process. What is it about ?

Processus de Kimberley

In December 2000, the General Assembly of the UN adopted a resolution in favor of the creation of an international certification framework for rough diamonds.

The CSPK was adopted in 2003 by the European Union and entered into force the same year.

Since November 2012, over 80 countries participate in the process.

They account for 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds.

The First Goal Is Clear :

Kimberley process

Prevent and curb the development of the parallel market of rough diamonds, mainly used to finance wars in countries affected by armed conflict.

Kimberley process

The second objective is to protect and develop the legitimate market for developing countries, representing a major economic pillar for the countries that produce and organize the extraction of rough diamonds.

Kimberley process

Finally the authorities are fighting every day that the diamonds to be extracted from extraction mines are not used to finance wars or rebellions in very unstable country with the political and economic level.

The CSPK is issued annually by the producing countries of rough diamonds.

Capital Diamond attaches great importance to the respect and fairness of the international rough diamond market.

All diamonds traded in our diamond dealers from mines operating companies like DE BEERS or RIO TANTO are previously provided with the required compulsory certifications (CSPK) before proceeding to the cutting step ;

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