Several advices before investing

The investment diamond market and the platforms inherent to it are becoming broader. Indeed, more and more investment platforms tend to emerge. Unfortunately, many of them are fraudulent.

Capital-Diamond wishes to make aware any potential investor on the many frauds and scams diamonds and false certifications available in the market today.

It is very important to inquire carefully about these different platforms and be wary of the purchase prices that you think are too attractive.

Here are some tips to avoid fraudulent investment :

  • Check references of your contact. Ask the right questions (market presence? Partners? ...)
  • Make sure that the office of the company in question is located in France, as well as his bank account. Many fraudulent use of offshore platforms based accounts abroad.
  • Learn about the laws of the market. For example, when a company proposes to invest 2,000 € OR 3,000 € for a 1 carat stone certified GIA, do not hesistate to hang up your phone immediately. This rating is totally unlikely in the market. In this case, diamonds are very often either reconditioned or from the black market. The certificates are then fake.
  • If you experience weakness, hesitation or lack of confidence in the voice voice of the caller, do not hesitate to request a physical appointment. Most fraudulent platforms will refuse it using various excuses.
  • Make a transaction only with a platform with a showroom in which diamonds are physically visible. This will give you the certainty of their existence.

Capital-Diamond is a platform registered in the Official Journal RAPNet, the institution that controls and regulates the investment diamonds platforms internationally.

Because the struggle against fraud remains one of our major concerns, we have set up a section that is specifically dedicated to it. Several platforms are now being investigated by the international anti-fraud services.

In case of doubt or suspicion vis-à-vis any investment platform, do not hesitate to contact us. We will then inform you about these dubious platforms, offering improbable opportunities.

For ethical reasons, we are not able to report to the competent authorities such fraudulent platforms. However, we will not hesitate to give their names to our investors. Our section is open as contact information below :